Mechanical Works


Flash Mechanical Works has the capacity to completely machine all types of work. Regular machine shop work, repair work and emergency work receive the same quality service. .flash Mechanical Works versatility in gearing and machining services gives us a manufacturing ability that delivers on-time precision and economy of production. Because our versatile shop takes on many jobs not related to gearing, many customers have been pleased to learn that our regular machine shop services are very cost competitive.

Our mechanical service include

  •  Central water filtration ( Pressure vessel & media change )
  • Pumps all type overhauling
  • Pumping station services (Valves , Pumps & Pipes )

Our engineers design for a variety of projects and clients thus having an in-depth knowledge base to pull from. We are able to provide assessments, recommend alternatives and provide a properly designed high-functioning system to meet the clients’ specific individual need.