Panels & Controls


Our control panels are manufactured in house by a team of experienced technicians. We use quality components which have been tried and tested over years of product development.

Each panel is manufactured to the highest standards and to the latest electrical regulations. A methodical approach is employed to internal layouts with the addition of engraved labels for easy identification of components. Once a panel is completed it is inspected and functionally tested prior to leaving the workshop. Panels are then packaged and delivered using reliable and flexible delivery services.

Our team of highly trained service and support engineers have a wealth of experience and are conscious of working with building facilities teams and end users to ensure the optimum efficient running of your control systems to maintain a comfortable working environment at all times


We design and manufacture :

  • B.M.S Interface panels
  • A.H.U and F.C.U Panels
  • Start-up & commissioning of DBC’s and control panels.
  • Auto transfer switch panels (A.T.S.)
  • Auto mains failure panel (A.M.F.)
  • Custom built control panels
  •  Irrigation and submersible pump control panels
  • Power factor correction capacitor bank panels (P.F.C.)
  •  Swimming pool & fountain panels
  • V .F. D. Panels

Our control system:

  •  Installation of L.V. systems including conducting ,cabling and pre- commissioning.
  • Commissioning for VAV controllers
  • Pre commissioning & commissioning for DDC controllers & MN series controls
  • Calibration for level & Pressure transmitters